Earlier today, GlobalGrind was lucky enough to catch up with supermodel Kate Upton.

The 19-year-old super beautiful, hip-hop listening, Kanye chilling, Modern Family loving and ‘teach you how to Dougie’ model is all of that and a bag of chips. 

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Since Kate is down with the team, we decided to let you know a little more about the model that everyone is talking about.

She’s still the same down to earth girl who was born in Michigan and raised in Florida, but there is so much the world wants to know about her. 

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Kate held nothing back when we asked, opening up about her love for hip-hop, Kanye and her sudden urge to do Nicki Minaj. 

GlobalGrind: You’ve exploded onto the modeling scene. Can you explain the ride and all the attention you’ve gotten?

Kate Upton: It’s been crazy. I shot for Sport’s Illustrated and you shoot for things in advance three months before. You kind of forget about it and keep moving on. But when it comes out and everything happens, it’s crazy, especially with all the attention. I always went to events and was dancing and having a good time, but when people recognize you it becomes a big thing.

Speaking of dancing, they caught you doing the Dougie. Is that one of your favorite dances?

It was one of my favorite songs. I was always looking out for it and then I just became obsessed with it. I thought, I have to learn this dance! I listen to it all the time and it’s embarrassing that I don’t know it. But I learned it the night before that game and then it came on, so I had to show my skills.

What are other hip-hop or rap songs that you’re feeling right now?

I love Nicki Minaj and I’m just obsessed with her. Let me look in my iPod. I like New Boyz “You Look Better With The Lights Off,” I don’t know what’s the obsession with that one. I just really love anything that’s on Top 40.

Being that you love Nicki, would you be going as Nicki for Halloween? 

I should do that! I didn’t even think about that. I might end up going to a Halloween party, but all these Halloween parties are themed. Now I think I’m going to have to go as Nicki Minaj, now that you brought that up!

There was a rumor that you were dating Kanye for a second. How do you deal with the rumors?

I know Kanye and we’re friends. So I think that was a fine situation because I could laugh it off. But it doesn’t really affect me. I just try to ignore it and then it’s over.

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