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We know Jay-Z and expectant mother Beyonce live large, but come on!

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When not yachting in San Tropez or jetting to St. Barts, hip-hop’s royal couple sometimes travel in a mini-van.

Not just any minivan, mind you, a half milli-minivan that’s decked out better than a jet. Did we mention that the Mercedes Benz mini van has a bathroom? Yes, it does. It has a full shower!!! It also has touch screen controls, a flat screen TV, and hand-stitched leather seats. 

Brilliant Transportation flipped this ordinary van into a moving mini-mansion worth $500,000 and claims they provide everything your living-room and office has to offer – on wheels!

Our living rooms don’t have a private shower, except that one time when our bathtub was in our kitchen!

Would you pay $500K for a tricked out minivan? 

SOURCE: Jezebel via Life & Style