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Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa love their man parts, A LOT!

VIDEO: Chris Browns Licks A Fan Up & Down On Stage!

Chris Brown rubbed, stroked and grabbed his man parts while performing at Philly’s Power 99’s Powerhouse Concert this weekend.

We already know all the lovely ladies in Philly probably popped their tops when C.Breezy showed them what he was working with on stage. 

NEW MUSIC: Wiz Khalifa “Dessert” & “Rich People”

To top it off, Taylor Gang rapper Wiz Khalifa decided to add to the hysteria by putting a mic stand on his man parts and swinging it for the ladies. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse of Chris Breezy’s man parts. Earlier this year, a few very seductive “d*ck” pics of Chris Brown surfaced, and now his lady fans have been reminded of his biggest quality. 

Check out more pictures of Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa feeling themselves in the gallery above!