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What a week. We had some loses, and some wins, but we finished the week. We are losing Oprah, but gaining a whole network 50 flopped, and let’s not forget Beanie is still dissing Hova. But, Diddy turned 40 and Lil Wayne hit the club so I guess it wasn’t a bad week at all huh? Let’s go


Drake wouldn’t let anyone take a picture w/o him getting some face time as Young Money artist Shanell celebrated her birthday.




The highlight of the week for me was this Olivia Wilde sighting… and Drake was here too. Just thought you should know. 




Lil Kim was looking amazing at Diddy’s party. Idk about y’all but I like the new Lil Kim.




Leighton Meester showed off her Whooty and she has a song w/ Lil Wayne. Hope she doesn’t end up w/ child. I kid, I kid. 



Hayden from Hero’s got a champagne facial this week. Awesomeness. 



Nothing like flashing a little bit a panty for the paps to get on the blogs…




Especially when you’re with your kids. Such class. 




JD loves strippers. I’m sure Janet would strip for him at home… why waste money, I’m just saying.




Miley dressed like a hooker and killed someone. sorta.



And how can we end a blog w/o Kim K in one thigh high boot! 


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