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The streets of Oakland are packed as the Occupy Oakland Movement has drawn more strong support from workers, students, teachers and nurses. All walks of life are coming out in honor of Scott Olsen, who has become a symbol for the movement. 

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For the past two weeks, tensions have been escalating in Oakland after Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen suffered a fractured skull when he was shot with a rubber bullet by Oakland riot police.

The goal today however was aimed at halting “the flow of capital” at the Oakland port, which is considered the nation’s fifth-busiest port.

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Demonstrators are hoping to transition the protest back to its peaceful vibe of civil disobedience and strikes.

The Associated Press reported about 360 teachers did not go to work in support of the movement’s cause.

Many students have taken their message straight to the financial sector in Oakland, protesting in front of Wells Fargo and Citibank.

Protesters blocked the entrance of Citibank with fake $100 bills taped to their mouths and wrote “The 1 percent won’t back down” and “Who’s robbing who?”

It’s safe to say that the organizers of Occupy Oakland are doing a hell of a job when it comes to uniting people under one cause.