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A day after Robin Thicke dropped his first single, “Pretty Lil’ Heart,” feat Lil Wayne, off of his new album, Love After War, the soulful singer let loose the official tracklisting and cover art.

MUSIC: Robin Thicke Wants To Make “Love After War”

As you can see above, the cover art is pretty simple, with it just containing a drawing of the singer’s face, highlighting his trademark blue eyes.

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The tracklisting seems like the album runs a little long, containing 17 tracks.

At least you’ll get a lot of Thicke for you’re buck – Lil Wayne is the only notable guest on the album.

Love After War is Thicke’s fifth studio album and it drops on December 6th.

Check out the tracklisting below. 

1. An Angel On Each Arm

2. I’m An Animal

3. Never Give Up

4. The New Generation

5. Love After War

6. All Tied Up

7. Pretty Lil’ Heart (feat. Lil Wayne)

8. Mission

9. Tears On My Tuxedo

10. Boring

11. Lovely Lady

12. Dangerous

13. Full Time Believer

14. I Don’t Know How It Feels To Be U

15. Cloud 9

16. The Lil’ Things

17. What Would I Be?

SOURCE: Idolator