Kanye West still loves Amber Rose!

In a recent performance in Philly, Kanye West freestyled over his hit song “Runaway” and referenced Amber Rose quite a few times. 

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Both of the former lovers have appeared to move on, but apparently Kanye isn’t quite over Amber Rose. 

Amber, who is currently in a hot and steamy relationship with “Black & Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa, always maintains that she has love for Kanye, but has moved on with her life. 

During his performance, Kanye began one of his famous rants by saying: 

“To the city of Philly, I want to thank y’all for making the incredible person that this song was made for…”

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He goes on to sing:

“The one place I f*cked up the most is that I thought you’d always be mine, always be mine, I thought you’d always be mine.” 

Damn, Kanye really seems heartbroken. It doesn’t seem like Amber Rose will be breaking up with Wiz anytime soon, but hopefully Kanye will find someone to share his love with. 

Watch the video below!

SOURCE: MissInfo

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