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All we’ve seen in the headlines lately are stories about Kim Kardashian and her divorce from husband Kris Humphries. People cannot seem to stop talking about their 72-day marriage ending.

We’ve heard statements from Kim’s camp and even from Kim herself, but quite honestly nothing is helping her case among the public.

Within a day of filing for divorce, Kim was off to Australia with Khloe and Lamar to do some promoting of her handbag collection. This raised a lot of eyebrows, including my own.

This is the same Kim who claimed on television and her personal Twitter that she was so in love with this man. I remember when I heard when their relationship first began and while I was tired of hearing about her love life, I still believed she really liked the guy.

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So how could Kim just file for divorce without and hesitation and then take a business trip to Australia the next day? As far as I’ve heard throughout my life, a divorce is on the list of one of the hardest emotional roller coasters a man and woman can go through. It’s the death of a bond and ending it would mean interrupting a lifetime commitment. That doesn’t sound like something people want on their conscience.

Kim seriously needs to STOP and BREATHE for a second in her life. The woman is constantly on the run, promoting something, or partying it up. I will always respect her paper chase, but she just ended her “fairytale” marriage. That takes some time to grieve!

As a woman who has been in relationships of different kinds, I know how much of a toll ending a serious relationship can be. In her case, it wasn’t even some simple boyfriend-girlfriend kind of stuff, it was a marriage, which must have been even harder!

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I’m afraid at the rate Kim is going with her relationships, she’s going to have a Kanye moment. I wouldn’t want to see her in so much pain about her divorce that she jumps on a stage and starts interrupting people!

Kim, take some advice: stay out of the limelight, take a lot of hot baths, stop wearing black to try and prove yourself and be by yourself for a little bit. You don’t need to go looking for someone new to fill the spot that’s missing in your heart. You have family and plenty of friends that love and support you.

Also, quit with trying to do all this damage control! Your mom, Kris, is only making things worse. Your letter to your fans is just giving people more room to judge you and make more assumptions. People will have something to say about every move you make in your life. It comes with the territory of being famous.

Don’t worry about other people, worry about yourself right now.

Just chill!

Lindsey India

Twitter: @LindseyIndia