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Happy Birthday Hova!

So this being Jay Day I decided that the Fashion Department should honor your day by recognizing the amazing fashion transformation that you have had since Hawiian Sophie. So let me set the mood for you all.

1989 Hawaiian Sophie by Jaz-O and Jay-Z

Somebody told you that pairing this Hawaiian Shirt with a gold rope chain and sneakers was ‘Fly’ but as time went on you learned the proper beach attire… 

‘We dont resort to violence, we on resorts an islands in linen shorts and shades, case they thought you were lying, my Louis slippers, Polo Top, Linen shorts so my balls dont get hawt hot..’ Rick Ross Hustlin Rmx ft Jay-z

Then he laid low for a while and when he resurfaced he was Don Dappper and what not for Reasonable Doubt… Peep the transformation…That leads up to his 40th Birthday!!