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Kate Upton is that sexy swimsuit model that you saw in Sports Illustrated for 2011, which resulted in her being named “Rookie of the Year”.

Her impeccable beauty has gotten guys’ (and even girls’) attention all around the country, modeling for names such as Dooney & Burke and Guess. She even did the dougie at an LA Clippers’ game!

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We caught up with the model and discussed, guys who approach her, what’s next for her modeling career and more!

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Check out the interview below.

Global Grind: There was a rumor that you were dating Kanye for a second and that really pushed you to the forefront as well but how do you deal with the rumors?

Kate Upton: You know I know Kanye and we’re friends so I think that that was a fine situation because I could laugh it off but it doesn’t really affect me. I just try to ignore it and then it’s over.

When you’re doing a photo shoot is there music playing, what do you do to get into the groove to do your thing?

Yes music has to be playing while I’m shooting otherwise it’s boring.

Otherwise it’s boring?


What was the most interesting shoot that you’ve done?

It would have to be my Sobe shoot. Theat whole company is kind of like me, high energy and always music was blasting. They hired a DJ just for the shoot so it was a lot of fun.

Who are your favorite people to follow on twitter?

My friend Chrissy Teigen, I love to follow her.

She’s hilarious on twitter.

I know! She has no filter so it’s amazing, always keeps me entertained.

Yeah she’s funny I love it when she’s with John because then she gets extra crazy with her tweets I think.

Anytime I’m a little bored or have down time I’ll go straight to her. I feel like I have a life at that moment.

Are you saying you don’t have a life? I’m sure you do.

I do. I do. I mean when I have a little down time.


How often do you get to enjoy yourself when you’re out and it’s not work?

I had a little break recently for 3 months so I had a lot of fun but I was definitely ready to get back to work.

What’s next for you? What are you doing next?

Next is Sports Illustrated.

Ok cool where are you guys shooting this year? Can you say?

I can’t say but its going to be really nice.

Have you been there before?

Yes I have been.

When you go to these exotic places do you get to enjoy it sometimes or is it all work?

It depends on the client. For Sports Illustrated you do get to enjoy the space while you’re shooting because that’s what the shoot is about, you having fun or being on the beach. They want you to be in your element but for some companies, no.

I noticed some shoots there’s a sunset, when you’re in the middle of all that do you get to stop and appreciate it?

No I appreciate it with everyone else looking at the pictures. I’m like oh that was really pretty.

Do guys approach you often or are they intimidated?

It depends, it depends on who the guy is I think.

How so?

Maybe where their alcohol level is at (laughs).

Has a drunk guy come up and said anything appropriate and if so would you like to share?

Always! Drunk guys always come up and say inappropriate things and probably not good to share.

How do you handle that when people get out of line?

You give like desperate looks to your friends so they can help you get out. I would never hit anyone I would be way to scared.

I was talking to another model and she said there’s always people who are afraid or intimidated by her and the cute guys never holler at her, has that happened to you.

Yes it does but I think it doesn’t happen to me as often because I’m pretty sure I have so much energy and I’m a little bit crazy that suddenly it’s that I’m not as beautiful anymore and they’re like oh she’s just a normal person.

What do you consider crazy?

Like high energy, you probably never know what I might say next.

You like to have fun?