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Everyone loves a good heist movie. It’s one of the few times we find ourselves rooting for the criminals. But what if the person being robbed is an even bigger crook himself? In Tower Heist, directed by Brett Ratner, a group of hard working people fall victim to a Ponzi scheme by a wealthy Wall Street businessman, and they devise a plan to rob his penthouse residence. Nothing like a good bit of revenge, to satisfy the “99 percent.” 

Tower Heist introduces us to the hard working staff of a high-rise apartment led by Josh (played by Ben Stiller). After being a victim of a Ponzi scheme, Josh assembles a heist team played by Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck, Gabourey Sidibe, Michael Peña and Matthew Broderick to rob the wealthy businessman blind. You can expect great laughs and suspense when you bring all these guys together. But the biggest surprise to the cast is the young and tremendously talented Gabourey Sidibe, still hot from her lead performance in Precious. We know that the girl can make us cry, the question is, can she make us laugh? Now if you really knew Gabourey, you wouldn’t be worried in the slightest.

Gabourey made her acting debut in the Academy Award winning film Precious, where she also earned a nomination for Best Actress. In her role as Precious Jones, an obese 16 year old girl with two children, she proved that she could take a character and bring it to life. Since then she has starred in The Big C on Showtime, and the film Yelling To The Sky. Now Gabourey finds herself playing Odessa, a building maid who lends her unique talents to Josh and his team. She is still in the starting phase of her career, but with her talent and role in this hilarious comedy caper, the sky is truly the limit for Gabourey.

Download on iTunes the theme song by Nas and Rick Ross, “It’s a Tower Heist.”