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Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has been caught in a whirlwind of controversy in the last couple of weeks. Four different women have come forward to accuse the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO of sexual harassment while he was head of the National Restaurant Association.

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Cain has denied all claims of sexual harassment, only admitting that the association eventually paid one of the women $45,000, which Mr. Cain called a severance payment.  

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Another woman received a severance of $35,000 that included a confidentiality clause.

The spectacle aboard the Cain train has been getting worse for the Republican front runner in the last couple of days and it will surely hamper his chances at becoming the Republican nominee for President.

What Cain needs to do is take a lesson from hip-hop when it comes to dealing with the ladies.

Drake, Kanye and Lil Wayne have all had their problems with women, so Cain may want to listen to what they have to say on the matter.

Check out hip-hop’s advice for Herman Cain on the following pages!




Cain should just cut and run away as fast as he can. Take Kanye’s advice. Cain has made a boat load of money since he began running for president, he should get out now. Take the money and run! 


“Gimme The Loot”

As head of the National Restaurant Association, Cain had to dish out severance payments to many of the women. So it’s only fitting that Biggie Smalls’ “Gimme The Loot” be the appropriate response.


“I Need Love”

When it comes to women, Cain should take advice from the original lady lover: LL Cool J.


“Bonita Applebum”

We’ve only seen one of Cain’s accusers, but doesn’t he look like a guy that wants a Bonita Applebum?



Instead of throwing a severance payment at his accusers, a simple apology probably would have been better. Take some advice from OutKast.



“Smooth Operator”

Big Daddy Kane boasts about his luck with the opposite sex on this 1989 track. Cain is definitely a smooth operator as are most businessmen. Cain has been touting his 9-9-9 economic plan for months now. 


“Just Me And My Bitch”

We had a to put another B.I.G. song on her because it works so well. Cain should have spit Biggie bars at his accuser:

“And then we lie together, cry together/I swear to God I hope we f*ckin die together.”

Maybe then he wouldn’t have had to pay them.

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