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Sometimes it’s important to rip a man’s clothes off…


It’s possible this obvious statement becomes even truer if the ‘ripping of the clothes off’ happens in a club with a stranger…

I recently was cast for the role of a woman who does just that.  NO, it wasn’t an episode of Entourage, it was for BODY HEAT COLOGNE.


Usually I like to fancy myself a ‘method actress’.  Preparing for the role of a woman ripping stranger’s clothes off, I might usually have spent several evenings prowling the streets and the clubs in Miami molesting strangers.  How else might I organically understand this deviant mindset?

Unfortunately, the God’s were cruel and gave me no advanced practice time. So I had to go with my gut.


By digging deep into my inner saucy Pamela Anderson arsenal I came to set and unloaded the moves you will see in the video below on the male stranger (aka hot male model).

You might find this shocking… but it was fun and I propose EVERYBODY try it sometime.



Kisses, Katie Rost


ps.  If you wan to try out as a model for this company go to: