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Amber Rose is hoping to close the book on Kanye West once and for all.

The Master Of The Mix star went on Wendy Williams to clear up all the rumors people have been saying about her. 

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After Kanye West’s rant/apology to Amber, people kept asking Amber if she wanted to get back with Yeezie and she shut it down! 

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“I will never get back with Kanye, there is no way! I want to be with Wiz for the rest of my life. I never did until I met Wiz. Every relationship I’ve had, especially being a stripper since I was 15 years old, I never looked at men — I never thought it would happen for me.”

Amber also hinted via Twitter that she believes Kim Kardashian slept with her ex, because of her own fling with Reggie Bush. But she wants to set it straight she didn’t break up Kim and Reggie. 

“One thing about me is that I’m not a homewrecker, I would never date a man in a relationship or a married man. I just wouldn’t do it. I broke up with Kanye and he (Reggie) broke up with Kim and we met right after and we were both going through a hard time. So we were each other’s rebounds. It was brief and it was nice, he’s a great guy.”

As far as people wondering if she got paid NOT to speak about Kanye West, she answered: 

“No. I can say whatever I want about Kanye, I can say whatever I want about our relationship. I’m just not into that. I always like to take the high road, very postive person. So whatever happened in our relationship I don’t feel the need to write a book or dog him out or anything like that. I just want to keep it moving.”

Well there you have it, everything you wanted to know about Amber Rose! 

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