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Everyone loves an overweight lover, especially a rapping one. Heavy D’s untimely death yesterday was not only a shock to the hip-hop community, but the world. 

PHOTOS: Heavy D Through The Years!

Heavy D coined the nickname as being the “overweight lover” and he always embraced his heavy frame. Heavy D made it cool to be fat and be a rapper, and he paved the way for many overweight rappers to do the same. 

STORY: My Letter To Heavy D By DJ Cassidy

Just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you can’t rap, and it certainly doesn’t mean the ladies won’t love you. 

GlobalGrind rounded up the hottest overweight lovers in the rap game. From shirtless chubby rappers to big bone crushing MCs, we’ve rounded up everyone. 

Check out the hottest overweight lovers in the gallery above!