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Iggy Azalea is the name that’s been buzzing in the underground and spreading through the hip-hop scene.

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Iggy grew up listening to Tupac and Jay-Z and now is making her own mark on the hip-hop world, most recently with her controversially catchy single, “PU$$Y.”

NEW VIDEO: Iggy Azalea “My World”

The Australian badass blondie dropped a mixtape called Ignorant Art last month and since then, has been making her rounds.

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We chopped it up with the tattooed Iggy and discussed her thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, her type of guy and the most gangster thing she’s ever done.

Check it all out below!

What do you think of Occupy Wall Street popping up in different spots?

I live downtown in L.A. and they’re doing it down there too, camping out and stuff. I think it’s good. People always say, what’s the point in protesting, it won’t change anything. I always say it creates public awareness, so it’s all purposeful and productive to me. 

If you could occupy anything, what would you occupy?

If I could occupy anything, I would occupy the chalk painting that Mary Poppins jumps into in her movie. I just want to live in that painting so BAD. I just want to be that chick on that horse, that could be me.

What kind of men do you like?

I like manly men. Grrr MEN! I’m into that. My mom always says, your balls are about to explode, calm down, because I’m really tough. But secretly I just want somebody to be like, I’m tougher!

So you wouldn’t date Drake?

Probably not, he’s too sensitive. I’d stomp that ass. I have a feeling I’d be like, c*m in my underpants! I don’t know, you never know. Sometimes you like people like that, that you’d never think you would like. There’s just something about them, so I can’t really say. It’s not typical, that would be out of my dating character.


What are you doing to gain more fans?

Just trying to put out more content! I just filmed a video for “My World” which is off my mixtape and that I’m going to put out as my next song. Then I’m going to more freestyle videos with visuals and put them out too.

Now that I have whatever platform I have, I want to put as much content on that platform for people to be able to make their minds up. I think right now it’s really minimal and a lot of things get misconstrued, so I just want to put a lot of stuff out there for people to be able to decide if they hate me or if they love me.


What’s the most badass thing you’ve done so far in life?

Probably move to America when I was 16, that was pretty badass, how many people do that?

Something even more gangster than that?

I peeled my fingernails off and plucked all my eyelashes. That’s a lie, but that would be pretty gangster if I did! Most gangster thing I ever did? I’ll tell you the most ignorant thing I ever did.

When I lived in Miami, it’s not gangster but it’s probably the dumbest thing I almost did. My boyfriend would say, ‘Take my gun in your purse, I don’t like you taking taxis because I don’t know how to drive.’ He’d be at work and so I went and I didn’t know where anything was, we used to live in Miramar and I looked in the phone for nail salons to get my nails done. I called the cab to go take me there and I didn’t realize how far the sh*t was. I have this gun in my purse and we’re going further and further and further out into the middle of f*cking nowhere and I thought, this motherf**ker is trying to kidnap me!

I thought, should you pull your pistol out and then get out of the car and do a roll or something onto the highway? We just kept going for an hour to somewhere I thought was five minutes away and I was really about to pull this thing out of my purse. Just when I was about to do it we pulled into the nail salon and I was like, thank you Jesus! That’s why you should never have guns because they make you think of stupid sh*t like, is someone kidnapping you? Nope, no one is kidnapping you.

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