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Outside of the insane prices and popularity with fashionistas the world over, one the major attraction that Christian Louboutin has for women are all of the extraordinary designs that the shoes have. Every season there is a shoe that comes out that is full of spikes, has fur or some other type of interesting detail.

STORY: Christian Louboutin Opens A Flagship Store In Paris Just For The Fellas

This year marks 20 years of business for Mr. Louboutin and as we celebrate his second decade making fabulous shoes for the fabulously dressed, we also take notice of his most outrageous designs.

His latest outrageous style, the Alex Lion Paw Pump, has been seen on the feet of Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker.  The shoe makes the woman’s feet look like a lion’s paw and is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

PHOTOS: Blake Lively & Christian Louboutin Yuk It Up Outside Barney’s In NYC

Scroll through the accompanying gallery for 19 other shoes that made the list of Mr. Louboutin’s most outrageous designs.