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With all the hype surrounding the Versace x H&M collection, we knew the obvious would happen when the product hit select locations today: the fashion masses would swarm branches carrying the designer goods and the collection would be sold out.

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But we could never predict the hype that would ensue over one particular item: the velvet printed bomber jacket that is already selling on eBay for $750 merely hours after it was made available to the public.

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We aren’t sure if the hype comes from Kanye’s approval of the bomber. The Louis Vuitton Don went from not being able to pronounce that ver-say-she to rocking the jacket with his signature leather jeans while performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It could be Kanye’s fashion influences that made the jacket wildly popular or it could just be the fact that it is just a pretty dope jacket that epitomizes Versace’s essence.

Either way, the jacket that was selling at H&M locations at $129 has now almost quadrupled in price on eBay, so if you want to get fresh like ’Ye it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.