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Model and food blogger Chrissy Teigen has posted her Thanksgiving menu and it looks crazy!

A self described foodie, the Sports Illustrated model and girlfriend of singer John Legend, who also writes for her recently launched So Delushious blog, will be cooking for about 20 guests today.

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Unfortunately, her parents are in Thailand and will miss out on Chrissy’s Deviled Eggs, sweet potato casserole, and Legend’s legendary mac and cheese!

Modelina caught up of the gorgeous lady who’s adept in the kitchen and here’s what she revealed about today’s big event:

“This Thanksgiving is going to be a little different because I obviously got really into food this year more than ever. We’ve decided to have John [Legend’s] family come from Ohio to our house in Los Angeles, about 20 or so people. For the past few years we’ve done it at the church he grew up in, where everrrryone brought their own homemade deliciousness to share. I’ve decided to do all the cooking. John has his staple dish of mac and cheese and promises he’ll help but I’m kind of a kitchen control freak. So this year the pressure is on but I’m really excited to have them over. I am actually most nervous about making the kids happy….they’re tough cookies when it comes to food…I would love to have my family over as well, but my parents live in Thailand. So we will go to Thailand with my sister and her fiancé for Christmas time. Win / win!”

Also on the menu for this family fun feast: 

My mom’s scalloped potatoes with cream and bacon. You know, the one I cut my fingertip off for then came home to finish making like nothing had happened because THEY ARE THAT GOOD! Posting today, I promise. I also have a sweet potato dish coming up. You might think that’s a lot of potato dishes but 1, why are you questioning potatoes? Are you a terrorist? They’re awesome. 2, each dish has totally different flavors. Cheese. Cream. Sweetness.


*Cranberry sauce. I refuse to have that can-molded cranberry gel on my table, delicious as it is. So simple. Make it. (

Sadly, Chrissy’s recipe for deep fried turkey didn’t make it to her blog.

SOURCE: Modelina & So Delushious