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Most of us know Christa B. Allen from the romantic comedy 13 Going On 30.

Christa played the 13-year-old version of Jennifer Garner in the 2004 film, but now this young lady is all grown up!

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The blossoming actress is starring in the new ABC hit series Revenge and taken on the role as Charlotte Grayson, a young privileged girl raised in the Hampton who just so happens to fall head over heels with guy from the “wrong side of the tracks,” according to her high society family.

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But Christa is actually quite different from her new character. Growing up on the West Coast, California to be exact, the 20-year-old is also not as girly as Charlotte. She uses all her spare time for all kinds of outdoor activities.

We got a chance to pick the brain of this budding star and find out she actually has a crush on her castmates!

Check it all out below.

In your new role you’re a Hamptons girl, have you ever been to the Hamptons?

I haven’t no, but I have friends who have and they tell me stories about it.

Your character is spoiled? 

I don’t know if she’s spoiled, so much as she’s grown up in an affluent family and now she’s dealing with a wicked mother, so she’s reacting the way I think many young people would.

What are some of the similarities and differences you have with your character?

Charlotte and I obviously come from different coasts and have very different backgrounds, so we’re not a like in that way. But I think if I were dealing with the situation Charlotte has at the moment, I might do it similarly in that I would follow my own heart and realize where my alliances lie and I need to do what’s best for myself. That might not be fighting with my mom if she doesn’t want me.

What is it like on set, are you guys joking around?

Absolutely. I think most of the cast can agree that this is one of the best groups of people that most of us have ever worked with. I don’t know what happened or why, but something fell into place and we all are just there to support each other and there aren’t any egos in the group, so that makes coming to work a very good time.

What do you do during your downtime?

Along with rock climbing, I hike and I like to go to the beach, anything outdoors and anything that takes me out of the everyday. I like to travel any chance I get, even if it’s just a local vacation to San Diego or Palm Springs or wherever. I just like to get out and do stuff and see the world.

Now that you have experience doing both TV and films, do you prefer one over the other?

This is my first time doing a TV show for a steady amount of time, but I’m really enjoying it. I find that the two mediums are completely different and I grew up on films, so I have to say films are closer to my heart and come more naturally because it’s what I’ve known, but I love the TV world as well. It’s so fast paced.

You started acting around the age of 10, would you ever trade growing up in the industry for being a normal kid?

I don’t see it as being abnormal in any way. It’s just another job. People see it as a strange occupation I guess, but you can’t look at it that way, you have to live your life like you would any other job.

Who would you say your celebrity crush is?

Oh man! Can I just say all the guys on my show, because I love them so much. They’re all such sweethearts. Although maybe that’s kind of weird because I see most of them as like brothers at this point, they’re like family!