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The Airplane Boys are Toronto’s premiere hip-hop duo.

Coming down from the high they experienced with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, GlobalGrind caught up with Beck Motley and Bon Voyage to chit-chat about being hometown heroes. 

Adding to the list of talent emerging from Toronto’s music scene, The Airplane Boys are the new faces of an ever-evolving hip-hop genre. 

Check out our exclusive interview with The Airplanes Boys below!

GlobalGrind: You guys came back from the UK. How was that, you were with Snoop?

Beck Motley: All the time.

How crazy was that?

Amazing because the time zone difference, the different culture, they drive on the right side, different type of money —as a group it’s a whole new experience. The traveling part and learning different cultures and communicating and just hearing different accents, it’s refreshing for us. 

How was it touring with Snoop?  Did you guys roll up with Snoop?

Bon Voyage: We did, the first tour. That was ill.

Beck Motley: It’s nuts. After every show we would go into the crowd and take pictures with them, drink with them, toast with them. It’s really wild out there, especially in Scotland.

Bon Voyage: Guys trying to kiss you, girls trying to hawk you down. It’s some f*cked up sh*t.

Beck Motley: Trying to grab your face, put it in their chest.

Wow. What’s been like the wildest thing that’s happened, then?

Bon Voyage: This 38-year-old lady grabbed my head and just tumbled me down, and I had no f*cking choice. And she’s like ‘OK, let’s take a picture.’

You guys did some shows with J.Cole, how was that? 

That was amazing because we’re driving from place to place, and that gave it that rock and roll feel. In every state I’m going to go in. it was just inspiring to see another—who you would say is leading the new young wave. With Snoop it was an iconic legend, and you learn that way. But with J. Cole it’s someone that’s not too far.

What are you guys working on right now, in the studio?

Beck Motley: When we were in the UK, we were working on a lot more tracks for this next mixtape. We’re releasing it the top of the new year. So you can expect that.

Do you guys know what you’re going to call it?

We do but we’re going to…

You’re going to save that. It’s a secret.

Bon Voyage: Let’s just say things are aligning themselves.

Beck Motley: Everything that happens is for a reason, so we’ll make sure that this whole body of art—it’s sort of in the lining.

What’s been you favorite moment by far, on tour?

Bon Voyage: One of the illest moments was the first tour with Snoop in Canada. We were smoking with him and we got the chance to tell him that he was our idol, and we actually recorded our first track to “Gin & Juice,” one of our first joints, back when we were 10-years-old. And we called it “Orange Juice,” but we got the chance to tell him that.(Laughs). Yeah, real corny sh*t. 

Beck Motley: Word. It might not be our favorite but it was our most liberating moment. We could go out and say that in Montréal and Scotland we absolutely had an amazing, genuine connection with the audience and everyone was jumping up and down. But the most liberating moment was here, in this city, New York, on Saturday, at the Gramercy Theater, with Kendrick. The audience was restless, waiting for Kendrick and we were right before Kendrick. And when they said ‘Ya’ll got love for Toronto?’ Everyone was restless so…

Bon Voyage: Boooo.

New York’s hard—they’re a tough crowd.

Beck Motley: We love that, man. You know the saying ‘If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.’ So, we came out to a shower of boos, man. That was the most intimidating moments of our lives. But we faced it. The lights were beaming in our eyes and it was so surreal, that we were actually going on stage to a different sound, a different ambiance. This was not applause, or even silence. By the end of that set, everyone was dancing, hands were up. People were applauding. That was a true testament, we didn’t need any special effects.

What’s something you guys can’t live without?

Beck Motley: I would say our cell phone, but we’re not really loyal to it because we have thoughts of cheating on it with a iPhone.

Bon Voyage: It’s been messing up lately.

Beck Motley: It’s the equivalent to your girl cheating on you. How do you get over that?

What’s been your favorite fan moment? 

Bon Voyage: In Scotland when those kids came up to us when they came out the train station, that was dope.

Beck Motley: Yeah, that was amazing. ‘F*cking legends, man.’ (in Scottish accent)

Bon Voyage: ‘Legendary, man!’ (Scottish accent)

Do you guys have any celebrity crushes?

Beck Motley: Most of our crushes, it’s someone real to us. We have a crush on them because we feel like we can actually be with them. But right now we don’t really want to be with a celebrity because we’re so into this fast life that we in enjoy the company of people back home, or people that don’t even know us. And I’m not saying we’re big, we’re still new at this, but it’s a challenge for our mindsets. The crushes we would say no one would know. I had a crush on a Much Music VJ back in Toronto, Liz Trinnear. I was goo-goo, ga-ga over her. 

If you could have three wishes, what would those three wishes be?

For all our loved ones to remain healthy.

Bon Voyage: Yes. Healthy and established.

Beck Motley: That we’re able to inspire, as long as we want. And the last one would be for one million more wishes.

If you could be any dinosaur, what dinosaur would you be?

Bon Voyage: Tyrannosaurus Rex. That was my favorite dinosaur as a kid.

There’s so many artists from Toronto, like Drake and Melanie Fiona. How has the response from Toronto been?

She’s one of our favorites.

We talked to Melanie the other week, she’s dope.

Bon Voyage: She’s dope as sh*t. And, The Weeknd, he’s on some other sh*t. On some Toronto water sh*t that ya’ll were talking about. 

Do you all support each other? 

Beck Motley: It’s different in Toronto. It’s a lot like New York, where it’s hard to make it in there. And Drake just really opened the door, but the infrastructure is still growing. So artists are still building their own movements. The Weeknd and Drake have OVO and XO and they’re making a movement in Toronto, it’s huge. In terms of a connection with The Weeknd, we worked closely and consider his producer, Illangelo, a brother. Him and Kinny are the only ones that worked on our first mixtape. And in terms of Drake, he’s the reason why—he woke everyone in Toronto up. So you got to give credit where it’s due.

Bon Voyage: Yeah, he opened the door. We pay homage.

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