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They say if you keep it on the down low, nobody has to know!

DETAILS: Rihanna Subtweeting Chris Brown Via Drake Lyrics?!

So the major question everyone’s wondering is: are Chris Brown and Rihanna secretly keeping in contact with each other via Twitter?!

GlobalGrind can’t tell you that information for sure, but we can tell you that they have reached out to each other via Twitter more than a few times.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown & Rihanna Have A Love Connection On Twitter!

Here’s a glance at Rihanna and Chris Brown’s hidden Twitter history over the past seven months. 

— Rihanna and Chris Brown started following each other in May 2011.

— Rihanna’s “Navy” and Chris Brown’s #TeamBreezy freaked out after finding out.

— Rihanna tweeted to an angry fan, “Its f*ckin Twitter, not the alter! Calm down.”

— Chris Brown tweeted, “Y’all starting to sound extremely childish! #teambreezy and #rihannanavy It’s pointless. Love team breezy & thank you rihannanavy for supporting ya girl.”

— It was reported that Chris Brown accidentally tweeted “you got that pic I sent you?” which many people believe was supposed to be a direct message or DM. 

— Months later, Chris Brown “favorites” Rihanna’s tweet, “Sometimes it feels like we find love in the most hopeless place.”

— Chris Brown talks about Rihanna during his recent Twitter rant, “I know a lot of you wack ass (OLD) celebrities probably wanna f— my ex, but talking sh-t on me wont get you far! and to be REALLY HONEST, ya’ll wonder why n*ggas spazzes all the time?” 

— Chris Brown has since deleted those tweets. 

— Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video co-starred boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy, who eerily resembles Chris Brown with blonde hair.

— Many people believe Rihanna was subtweeting Chris Brown yesterday via lyrics from Drake’s Take Care album

Now, GlobalGrind isn’t filled with conspiracy theorists, but the tweets have spoken. Rihanna and Chris may not be trying to get back together, but they may be working on building a friendship again. 

What do #RihannaNavy and #TeamBreezy think? Let us know if you support a budding friendship between Chris and RiRi or let us know if you think it’s a no go in the poll below!



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