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Even at the young age of 16, Diggy Simmons knows a little something about chivalry.

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The young MC shows off his romantic side in the video for his sugary sweet second single, “Do It Like You,” which features “Birthday Sex” singer Jeremih.

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For the video we see what a date with Rev Run’s son is like, and we have to say it’s quite charming.

The young rapper takes his gal on a date to the local carnival where he spends some alone time with his gal pal. They go on rides, play games and he even wins his date a stuffed animal. 


“Do It Like You” is the follow-up joint to his first single, “Copy, Paste.” Both songs are expected to be featured on the young spitter’s Atlantic Records debut, which is supposed to drop early in 2012.

Watch Diggy’s new video and drop us a comment about what you think!