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We’re perplexed over Russian model Irina Shayk‘s fit and sporty look last night at the launch of Macy’s Ideology Activewear at the Dream Downtown Hotel in NYC.

What is Irina wearing?

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The Sports Illustrated supermodel wore a short jersey and denim inspired dress with a cleavage revealing bodice and strategic cutouts near her breasts. Shayk’s extra long legs, her huge grin and her chichis were front and center, just like the zipper on the front of the dress, which was made for what, we’re not sure. 

Is this look part of the line Irina is promoting for Macy’s? 

Irina was all legs and smiles on the red carpet and seemed at ease in her choice for the night, which is always what counts!

Irina may have interesting taste, but she knows what she likes on her men.

Speaking with GQ Magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo’s gal pal said she likes her men dapper. “Wearing a suit is sexy. English men are very elegant, they wear suits very well. But don’t be afraid to show your personality.”

Take note fellas! See more Irina in the accompanying gallery.