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Apparently, there’s an apology in order and it’s from Black women directed to Black men. 

GlobalGrind came across this controversial blog, where a Black woman decided to write a letter of apology to all the Black men in the world in hopes of “reconciliation” of whatever deep-rooted issues Black men and women have with each other. 

The blog goes a little something like this:

Dear Black Man,

I have become a woman that you no longer recognize. I have allowed our enemy to impregnate me with his ideas and thoughts. I have allowed an illusion of independence to keep us separated. I have fooled myself into believing that my degrees places me degrees above you.

I humbly come to you asking forgiveness. I come to you asking you to forgive me for not supporting you. I come to you asking you to forgive me for not truly loving you. I was taught to hate myself, then hate you. My desire to reproduce you was killed by our enemy. I apologize for teaching my daughters that you will fail them, and continuing the cycle of an illusion of independence with them. I apologize for not encouraging you, for not being more patient with you, for not understanding your plight, your trials and your tribulations.

I apologize for thinking in order to gain strength I had to weaken you. I apologize for disturbing your peace, in order to have peace within myself, or what I thought was peace. My life has been in peril without you. I tried to convince myself that I don’t need you, but you are a necessity. I can’t even continue the cycle of life without you. I apologize for my harsh tone, for using my tongue as a sword, for telling you that you are nothing, when in fact you are everything. 

I apologize for mistreating you, disrespecting you, neglecting you and belittling you. I know that I have aided in breaking you, and I am beneficial in rebuilding you. I am acknowledging the wrongs that I have committed against you,and I am confessing my faults. By acknowledging my wrongs, doesn’t mean I am absolving you of your duty, but rather I am re-committing myself to my duty to you. 

I have relinquished my womb from our enemy and I am returning it to it’s rightful owner; you.

I tried to walk this journey of life without you, but I realized that I should be walking this journey with you, and beside you.I pray that you accept my sincere apology, and that we can start the process of reconciliation, so we can love each other and have productive and successful relationships that will set the standard for our children.

Black Man……….I love you…..

A Black Woman who concedes that her womb was one of many…….

Now if that wasn’t deep, we don’t know what is! But the controversy surrounding the blog is that many Black women don’t feel they owe Black men an apology, and that the writer is speaking solely for herself. 

In fact, many Black women feel that Black men should apologize for leaving them fatherless or single-mothers. 

We’re pretty sure Black love is real and still alive, but this blog stirred up many issues where Black men and women don’t agree. 

What do you all think?!

Do Black women owe Black men an apology for whatever issues they have, or should Black men apologize to Black women for all their issues? 

Comment below and let us know in the poll below!

SOURCE: ThyBlackMan