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Timothy Greenfield-Saunders’s The Latino List may have come and gone, but you can still check out the images from the HBO documentary and Brooklyn Museum show in the video above.

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The Latino List acts as a counterpart to the wildly successful The Black List, in which the photographer documented some of the most successful and influential African Americans working in music, sports and entertainment. The images also explored ethnicity and identity.

The Latino List premiered on HBO during Hispanic Heritage month and ran as a several month long exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum. The show, which featured 25 extra large color photographs of influential American Latinos, ended yesterday.

Actors Eva Longoria, America Ferrera and John Leguizamo are featured, as are Pitbull and professor and author Marta Moreno-Vega. 

Like you, we looked for the catalog but were unlucky in finding one, so we checked on Amazon for the book. No luck as it was sold out, too!

Watch this space for more info. Below are interviews with Pitbull and Marta.

Plus you can view an interview with Timothy Greenfield-Sanders here!


Professor Marta Moreno-Vega