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I’ve noticed something. Rihanna is lonely and she’s crying out for a small taste of the love that Chris Brown is sharing with Karrueche. 

DETAILS: Rihanna Didn’t Want To Break It Off With Chris Brown

Earlier this week she retweeted, “Just because I let you go doesn’t mean I wanted to.” When I read that it almost broke my heart. Real talk.

DETAILS: Chris Brown and Rihanna Communicating On The DL

I hope I’m not alone when I say I used to look forward to the daily Rihanna and Chris Brown pictures that my favorite blogs posted. I’m not ashamed to admit, I got attached to ChRihanna when they stopped at KFC for a bite to eat. I could relate to them in ways I can’t relate to Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

I’ve been on line kissing my girl while waiting for a two piece and biscuit, and I can say that’s when love is at its finest. That’s when love is at its most pure, and seeing that moment between Rihanna and Chris was an added blessing as a fan. 

Then tragedy struck and for two young lovers, love changed forever.

Rihanna said of that brutal night, “He had no soul in his eyes,” then telling Diane Sawyer about what Chris Brown said after he hit her. “He’d say, ‘You hate me, don’t you?’ and I would lie and say, ‘No.’”

See I think she was lying when she said “I would lie…” saying the right thing at the right time, and who blames her? But I believe that when you love someone, you never stop loving them. I believe that Rihanna and Chris Brown had an unconditional love that never turned to HATE.

It’s clear that she still loves Chris, so I say they should get back together! 

They should stop lying to each other, admit they’re in love. They both need to stop lying to the world, because they are the ones who need to love each other. Chris wants it all it back and Rihanna wants to find love again.

America needs to stop thinking Chris and Rihanna should be the model for young girls’ love.

I’m so tired of people saying “What message will it give young girls if Chris and Rihanna get back together?” Well if parents are doing a good job raising their child, none whatsoever! 

People, stop letting pop culture raise your children, and do some damn parenting! If not for no other reason then just so Chris Brown and Rihanna can get back together and find love one more time.

Don’t we want it all back? Don’t they deserve to be happy? 

~ BlogXilla 

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