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For those of you who loved the first Versace x H&M collection, Ms. Versace is at it again with the 2012 Cruise line. 

We gave you a sneak peek at the collection last month and just like we guessed, the full collection looks amazing. It utilizes much simpler designs than the initial collection.

However there is one catch, the cruise collection will only be available in Europe.

STORY: Versace’s At It Again WIth A New Collection For H&M

We find the exclusion of the U.S. market from the collection to be odd, especially since the initial collection was available in both the U.S. and Europe. Hopefully a third collection makes its way Stateside, if there happens to be one. 

For now, the only real chance you have of getting any of the collection is by searching eBay.

PHOTOS: Our Favorite Things From Versace’s H&M Collabo!

You can take a look at the items form the latest Versace x H&M collection in the gallery above. It is set to release on January 19th and will only be available to buy online at, but only in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway.