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Today will be the most unproductive day in the history of America … not because of holiday parties, NBA preseason games or the official U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

No, ma’am.

Today will be the most unproductive day in the history of America because this morning Facebook announced that the Timeline is now available to all users worldwide!

And for those of you who didn’t listen to us months ago and install Timeline, you will be surprised to find how different Timeline is from your old profile. Timeline has a ton of features (which you can see explained by Facebook here) and flexibility, but most importantly, Timeline changes the way you can view your life through the lens on Facebook. 

Simply go to your page, click the “Upgrade to to Timeline” feature and scroll down. You will find that Facebook has broken up your “Facebook life” by year, and when you eventually land on a year, it lets you explore exactly what you were up to through status updates, comments, pictures and stories. It’s incredibly addicting … and going back in time to see how often you quoted Mos Def or wore neon yellow Bathing Ape gear will bring a smile to your face, if not induce some nostalgia. It’s like a virtual time machine, only more fun, and without all of the sub-atomic particle reconstruction risks.

And for those of you who are nervous about getting to know the Timeline before your every secret is displayed to the universe, Facebook is building in seven days to review your timeline before anyone else can see it. Unless you would like to publish it before then, in which case Facebook gives you that option too.

So check it out. Like the millions of people who have tried Timeline over the past few months we think you’ll like it. Just be ready to laugh at yourself when you see exactly how “sick” those laser-lines really were.

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