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Noah “40” Shebib reps hard for his homies!

Though 40 is mostly known for his ability to deliver heavy hitters to the radio waves, his most recent Twitter rant proves that he’s not shy to hit heavy on Twitter either.

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The Canadian producer/mixer and Drake’s right hand man, took to his Twitter soap box to address the pending tension between Common and his “brother from another mother” Drake.

The beef between the two rappers originated when Common released his diss track “Sweet,” which dissed Drake’s singing and soft image. 

As a self-proclaimed hip-hop & R&B head, 40’s been able to master what sound fits certain artists.

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So it comes as no surprise that 40 feels Common’s sound is so close to R&B, which is exactly what Drake has been criticized for repeatedly.

He took to his Twitter and said this to the Common: 

40 takes his hip-hop seriously!

Do you think 40 was dissing Common?