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Rumor has it that British sensation Adele will land the cover of U.S. Vogue!

The singer appeared on the cover of the UK edition of Vogue back in October, but the March 2012 cover is said to be the one that takes her over the top!

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Reports the Telegraph:

WWD report that US Vogue , one of (if not the ) biggest fashion magazines in the world, is rumoured to have recruited the soulful crooner for the cover of their March 2012 issue.

This will be her second Vogue cover this year, following her sultry appearance on the UK edition’s October issue. But the American shoot promises to be extra-special, with designers apparently having been asked to make cover-worthy outfits especially for the full-figured singer who takes clothes in a UK 16, rather than the rather unforgiving sample size of a UK 8.

A globally successful singer on the cover of the world’s most influential magazine is always a potent combination, meaning she’ll most likely have the pick of every designer, from newcomer Prabal Gurung to old favourites Prada for her outfit if the rumours turn out to be true: we bet the fight has begun already.

Vogue is definitely a good look for Adele and larger women in general!

SOURCE: The Telegraph