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It seems like it’s almost that time!

There are rumors flying around that Beyoncé has booked a “celebrity VIP” area inside New York City’s St. Luke Roosevelt Hospital in preprataion for the birth of her first child. The rumor states that an alert was sent out to the hospital staff.

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Half the floor of the luxurious “Labor And Delivery” section of the hospital has allegedly been booked, but there is no evidence that Beyonce is the one who did the booking. The suite also happens to be the same one that Alicia Keys gave birth in to her son Egypt.

We spoke with a rep from the hospital who could not confirm that the nurses were asked to be on stand by for the birth of Beyonce’s baby. We also asked if a luxury maternity suite was booked and the rep told us, “No, Beyonce is not scheduled to give birth.” 

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You heard it here first. Beyonce is not in labor at St. Luke Roosevelt Hospital, but we can’t wait until she is! We’re so excited!