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The Iowa Caucus will be the first gathering of votes for the Republican primaries. Scheduled for January 3rd, it may not be a day to look forward to for Republican leaders!

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According to the Associated Press, Occupy activists from all over the country are planning to Occupy the Iowa Caucus.

The organizers of the Occupy Des Moines protests are asking activists to show up and declare no preference in the caucus, but are asking that protestors not disrupt the voting process.

They are hoping to effectively interrupt Republican candidates at their events during the day, as well as camp out at Iowa campaign offices.

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One Occupy Des Moines organizer named Stephen Toothman said organizers met Tuesday to discuss their agenda for the event. He also spoke on their motive behind all this saying: “The 99 percent have woken up and we’re not going to take it anymore…”

Many Republican critics are not looking forward to the protests. The Chairman of the Grand Old Party (GOP), commonly known as the Republican Party, in Iowa, said that “It would be an absolute shame if outside agitators ruin the Iowa caucus experience…”

Ivan Burghart joined the meeting in which the protests were organized and said:

“The caucuses are really a statement as to where the nation is as a whole. I think this occupation is really a statement that they are dissatisfied with all the choices that we’ve been given…”

Occupy Des Moines is no friend of Republican leaders. Most recently they have interrupted events that Republican presidential hopefuls Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann have participated in. Newt said the group was “All noise, no thought…”

Prior to the protests, the Occupy Des Moines group will be having a civil disobedience training in hopes of keeping the protests nonviolent.

Our support is with the Occupiers. We hope that the protestors get their message across both effectively and peacefully!

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