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Barack Obama told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that Rev. Terry Jones is doing more damage to our troops if he continues on with this ‘stunt‘. This has gone terribly wrong, now that Jones knows that he has the Presidents attention, we are sure he is going to go ahead with his planned burning of the Quran

‘If he’s listening, I just hope he understands that what he’s proposing to do is completely contrary to our values … this country has been built on the notions of religious freedom and religious tolerance,’

‘As a very practical matter, as commander (in) chief of the armed forces of the United States, I just want him to understand that this stunt that he is pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women in uniform who are in Iraq, who are in Afghanistan.’

While the pastor has said he is continuing to pray about the plan, he has shown no indication that he will back down. He also has said he would not be responsible for any deaths that may occur as a result of his church’s provocative actions.


The president told Stephanopoulos that he hoped Jones would reconsider.

‘He says he’s someone who is motivated by his faith,’ Obama said. ‘I hope he listens to … those better angels.’