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GlobalGrind was on the scene this weekend for the NBC TCA party in Pasadena, where stars were bursting at the seams waiting to unveil new information about their latest projects.

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Also on the scene was Juliette Lewis who stars in NBC’s new one hour drama, The Firm

Juilette took some time out in between bites of her prime rib (while simultaneously debunking the misconception that she’s a Vegan/Vegetarian – she is neither) to sit down with GlobalGrind and weigh in on her cameo in the viral web sensation, “Sh*t Girls Say.”

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Check out the exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: How did you become involved with “Sh*tGirlsSay”?

Juliette Lewis: I’m living in Toronto shooting The Firm.  And I’m on Twitter @JulietteLewis and I follow Thesh*tgirlssay and the guy that runs it is an incredible video director who knows the singer of the band who opened up for me on tour.

So one of the band member’s mutual friends asked me if I wanted to do a few lines and I knew he was funny because I follow him/her.


Well yeah, because at the time he was keeping his identity secret. And he would just say these one-liners like, “I’m cold.” Or “I want my blanket” Or even, “Is that a mojito?” That line was my favorite.  

I loved everything about it and I knew it would be palpable and that people would love it, but I had no idea that it would be so huge.

Who knew how funny you were?

Yeah I can be funny some times. It gets a little R rated but I can be funny.

And that she is!

The Sh*t Girls say can be followed on Twitter and the YouTube video has gone viral sparking many off shoots like “The sh*t black girls say,” “The sh*t white girls say to black girls” and … well you get the drift.

The Firm Premieres on NBC This January!

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