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As the founder of GlobalGrind, I created our site to have fun and prove that we could be successful with post-racial content that didn’t play to the cheap seats for success. At the same time, GlobalGrind is selling a progressive and positive political agenda that I hope makes the world a better place.

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Simmons: Blue Ivy Carter, Welcome To The World

Most sites that carry news – whether it is about celebrities, music, style or politics – seems to lean on dirt for ratings.

We, however, do not. Some topics come up, like a small church burning a Koran or a small church saying horrible things about Jay’s baby, which gain national attention and debate because the smut peddlers give them light.

When that happens, we have to at least mention them, and so we are guilty of highlighting some of the absurdity that still exists in our country and around the world.

This morning, the hysteria over Jay-Z and Beyonce being connected to the Illuminati and the devil took a turn for the absolute worse. A church sign in North Carolina was supposedly “vandalized” and the words “Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on earth” appeared on it. Whether it was a horrible juxtaposition of words or an intended comment about Beyonce, we felt the need to report or weigh in on what the people were accepting as news.

While some brilliant people (#sarcasm) in the crazy blogosphere have done some great research (#moresarcasm) and discovered that Rick Rubin and I created the Illuminati, some now might think I am trying to further our cause.

But, in all seriousness, I am a yogi and a man of prayer and believe that we sometimes need to point out this sort of hatred to remind each other that we have more work to do. However, we do acknowledge that often when we report absurdity it could backfire and spread the hatred.  

In this case, I think it is pretty darn clear that this type of behavior and any negative attacks towards a newborn baby are completely, downright wrong.

With great love, all things are possible.