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Nicole Scherzinger has had an incredible year hosting X-Factor, but after working so hard Nicole deserves some much needed time off. 

And what better place to vacation and celebrate the new year than by relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Mexico?!

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Nicole recently posted photos on her Twitter page showing her experience south of the border, and it definitely makes us jealous.

The former Pussycat Doll tweeted:

Just had the most amazing time of my life in Mexico at @IMANTARESORT!!! Cant wait 2 come back! Pictures 2 follow. Mexico & Imanta u rock !!!

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We’re glad Nicole is back to controlling her Twitter page, considering earlier this week her account was hacked by Ron Paul supporters.

The troublemakers tweeted: “For the first time ever a politician isn’t lying to us. WAKE UP AMERICA! Ron Paul 2012 I Love this Guy #RonPaulRevolution.” 

Fortunately, the tweet was removed fairly quickly after being posted.

We hope Nicole rests up while on vacay, because we’re expecting big things for her in 2012. 

Check out her trip to Mexico in the accompanying gallery!

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