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Tika Sumpter is 28 and as beautiful as they come. With her perfect complexion and enviable curves, any man would be lucky to have a shot with her.

She’s been rumored to be Jason Derulo’s “It Girl,” but she’s quick to brush off the rumors and let us in on what’s really going on in her love life.

Check out all the deets below!

Let’s discuss phone conversations. How often do you talk on the phone when it’s not
an interview or business?

The sad part is, it depends on who the person is, because first of all I hate talking on the phone and having nothing to talk about. I talk to my really close friends on the phone, and my Mom. My family really, and that’s it.

I’d rather just see my friends, I’m not a big phone person, I’d rather just see the person face to face because with technology I feel like we’re getting further and further away from human touch. I’d rather just have lunch and catch up rather than talking on the phone.

How about with dating? Is there a lot of texting going on?

You know dating… I haven’t been dating… (Laughs) but if there is a situation like dinner or something I prefer the person to call me rather than texting me, I think it’s kind of weird.

I think texting is so convenient. Sometimes you don’t even want to pick up the phone, sometimes [I like] a quick text, because it’s easy.

Are you single by choice or because nobody is trying to holler?

(Laughs) That’s so funny! People have definitely pursued, it’s by choice. I take my time with everything and I don’t know how I feel about dating right now. If I meet someone who’s really cool and easy to be around and fun, then I’m down, but I just can’t deal with drama. I just can’t deal with the normal entertainment stuff so I’d rather not, but if it’s a smart dude that’s on his grind and about something, I’m definitely into making that happen or at least trying it out.

The thing is, I don’t have time for BS. I really don’t. Games are not my thing at all. I’d rather just be honest with each other and open. If you like me, you like me, say it. Let’s stop the games, people! There’s not enough time in life for it.

So just because you’re on The Game doesn’t mean you like games.

I hate games! That’s one thing. I’m a straight up person and a real human being and if I like you, you’re going to know I like you. But don’t pull back all of a sudden or don’t overwhelm me, just be a human. Be human, that’s all I’m asking.

When you hear rumors, like you being with Jason Derulo, how do you feel when those type of things pop up?

I think it’s just a part of the business. Whoever you’re going out with, hanging out with, literally even if you’re friends and they get a picture of you guys… you could be on a beach, you could be shopping it’s like ‘Oh my God, they’re together!’

You can’t fight it. It is what it is and I’m not going to change my life to appease anybody. I’m going to hang out with who I hang out with and you’ll know when I’m dating somebody, don’t worry!

I’m very open with my affections and you’ll see it. I like holding hands and it will be known when I am with somebody.

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