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One company that always does an amazing job at remembering Black History Month is NIKE, who collaborated with Serena Williams on a capsule collection in honor of the 36th anniversary of BHM. 

Serena isn’t the only athlete getting a few special edition products to celebrate Black History Month, but hers is the first collection previewed by Nike.

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Here’s how it all came about: NIKE designers selected signature apparel and footwear silhouettes from Nike’s Design heritage and developed a unique pattern reflective of the vibrant colors and spirit of their distinct cultures.

This year’s NIKE Black History Month 2012 Collection will feature this pattern throughout a collection of NIKE products that will be worn by various NIKE athletes during the month of February.

This NIKE Black History Month 2012 pattern will first come to life at the kick-start of the tennis season in Melbourne, Australia with tennis luminary Serena.

The NIKE Black History Month 2012 Collection for Serena includes The Nike Sportswear BHM Destroyer Jacket, the Nike BHM Seasonal Knit jacket, the Nike BHM C72 Bag, and the Nike BHM Air Max Mirabella 3, all bearing the BHM mark to signify this special collection.

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Close-up of the items in the Serena Williams Black History Month collection can be seen in the gallery above.