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First came the photos of David Beckham bending it for H&M in a pair of under-roos, but are we ready to see the footballer in shirtless, pant-less action? If not, better gear up.

PHOTOS: David Beckham’s H&M Body-Wear Line Bodies The Game!

The L.A. Galaxy player is set to premiere a multi-million dollar ad for his H&M underwear line, and we presume that Super Bowl XLVI will be having more female viewers than usual.

On February 5th, during the second quarter of the NFL football game, David will be releasing his much anticipated commercial for his collaboration with the brand, a spot that reportedly cost them a pretty $3.5 million. 

H&M’s camp released a statement following the announcement of a plan to run a super bowl ad:

“We’re thrilled with this campaign and excited to captivate viewers’ attention during the Super Bowl, the biggest stage in the world to unveil our ad campaign.” Steve Lubomski, Director of Marketing for H&M North America, said in a statement.

And thrilled we are!

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According to H&M, Beckham was hands on and in-house with the creative team when creating the line, set to launch at H&M stores on February 2nd. 

SOURCE: Big Lead Sports