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Snooki has been all over the blogs showing off her 98 pound frame.

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Now she’s getting attention because she tweeted her natural face without any makeup. Needless to say, Snooki looks great! 

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A fresh faced Snooks tweeted, “No make up day 🙂 and I Don’t Care :)” One look at the picture and it becomes clear – because she’s beautiful without it.  

Snooki is usually dolled up in her leopard print outfits, with tons of makeup and a hair poof to match, but when she takes things down a notch, our favorite meatball’s natural glow radiates.

While Snooki may have dropped down to 98 pounds, her new diet is really shining through on all levels. 

Watch Snooki and her roommates on the latest season of Jersey Shore, airing now on MTV. 

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