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Chelsea Handler done pissed off Nick Cannon.

OH NO! Nick Cannon Hospitalize Due To Kidney Failure

The America’s Got Talent star, husband to Mariah Carey and father of two adorable twins, took to Twitter to discuss his disapproval of comedian Chelsea Handler.

Nick tweeted: 

“I hear  is out there talking shit about my wife again! She’s lucky I’m trying to live right now! Jesus my cup runneth over. I think  is still bitter that she got blasted on my radio show! It’s okay I still love you! When miserable people see happiness they must attack it. You know me, I’m always up for a good joke or wise crack but when people talk about my family the “Hood” in me wants to come out! I’ve learned cooler heads prevail. Life is too short to focus on negativity!”

Nick didn’t share exactly what Chelsea said about MiMi this time and a scan of her show Chelsea Lately didn’t turn up any immediate disses towards Mariah.

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Luckily for everyone, cooler heads will prevail when it comes to Chelsea and Nick, neither of whom are known for encouraging beef.

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