The best part about our favorite superheroes is that we can all identify with them. There is some human quality that makes you want to go a little deeper and see what is “behind the mask,” so to speak.

This may have been what DC Comics had in mind when they created their new logo, set to roll out on all of their new material beginning March 2012.

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The logo is essentially a “D” that has been pulled back so that you can see the letter “C” behind it. 

In the case of digital media, the company’s new logo allows users of digital devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. to peel back the “D” to expose a character, image, or story that has been applied to the “C,” such as a glowing green light that represents Green Lantern.

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DC’s Senior Vice President of Franchise Management Amit Desai suggested the new logo’s “peel back” imagery reflected the nature of DC characters as individuals with dual identities.

“When you think about our DC Comics superheroes, there’s a secret identity,” he said. “When you think about Vertigo, it’s this notion of good vs. evil in many of the stories. And so, in addition to flexibility, the new logo communicates this idea of dual identity: There’s more than meets the eye. You have to take a closer look to understand the richness of our characters and stories.”

You can take a look at all the renditions of the latest DC logo in the accompanying gallery above!

SOURCE: Comics Alliance

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