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In our reality TV crazed world that showcases the lives of those who can sing, dance, hoola-hoop or fist-pump, comes a refreshing take on the endless search for talent. 

Stepping up to the plate are Simon Cowell and Jada Pinkett-Smith, as they look to deliver us a new show based on recruiting the next hottest DJ. 

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And who better to add fire to the fuel than Simon? Infamously known for breaking the hearts of thousands of aspiring artists having gone through American Idol or X-Factor, Simon tells it like it is and simultaneously shows no mercy. But when Syco Entertainment was in search of the right partner, Simon met Jada and knew right away she and the Overbrook family would be the ideal collaborators. 

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Jada? You might ask…

Remember the Baltimore-native renaissance woman has always had a knack for the performing arts, having grown up taking piano, tap dance and ballet lessons. Sure DJing is one of five fundamental hip-hop elements, but let’s not forget her early burgeoning career included her super tight relationship with legend Tupac Shakur. Not to mention her affiliation with shows like In Living Color and A Different World, TV series that were thriving in the rap culture’s developing era. 

Jada explained:

“This show will comb the world to find a new breed of talent…I am happy to be creating it alongside Simon Cowell, the Sony team, and my partner Miguel Melendez, on behalf of the Overbrook family.”

So it’s not really the producers’ credentials that we should fret about. What we should be worrying about is the execution of the show.

We’ve come a long way from the Funk Master Flexes and Kool Hercs of earlier days. Music, across all borders, has changed drastically. With the continuous spawning of the latest technology, the persona and role of the DJ has evolved too. How many times do the fellow mix masters really indulge in scratchin’ and blending mixes? And how many times do they get lazy and just throw on a back up play list. Contrary to popular belief, DJing is a tedious and skillful task. But technology has made it easy for newly aspiring disk jockeys to find innovative ways to spin freshly at the club or the block’s house party.

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Jada and Simon got their work cut out for them. Let’s hope these DJs are ready to take what they can dish. Spinning, or better yet, original spinning, is no easy feat today. And we want to see the best of the best of the best. Ya digg!