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Heading into tonight’s Florida Republican Presidential debate, the 19th by our count, an area of focus will surely be Mitt Romney and his big money.

STORY: Big Money! Mitt Romney Is Part Of The 1 Percent

Earlier this week, Romney released his 2010 tax return and his total income for the year was listed as $21.6 million. Good lord, that’s a lot of money.

STORY: What 99 Percent?! Mitt Romney’s Most Pretentious Quotes Ever

We wondered how much time it would take for a regular Joe to make that kind of money taking into account their current salary. Well wonder no more thanks to, who’ve created the Romney money translator.

STORY: Chump Change! Other Big Money Bets Mitt Romney Should’ve Made

You simply input your annual income, click calculate and then find out how long it would have taken Mitt Romney to earn the same amount of money.

For argument’s sake let’s say your average American makes $30,000 a year, the results would show that in 2010, Mitt Romney made $30K in 12 hours 7 minutes and 55 seconds. It would take you 722 years 16 days 8 hours 26 minutes and 52 seconds to make what Mitt made in 2010.

You would have to live seven lifetimes to make the cash Mitt is making. Let’s calculate some of our favorite celebs’ moolah and see long it would take to make their yearly income.

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