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Music videos are getting a lot more interesting again.

The magnificent trio featuring Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes and the infamous Hype Williams brought fans an exclusive behind the scenes video from the making of “Why Stop Now.”

NEW MUSIC: Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown “Why Stop Now”

In an 8-minute journey led by the un-apologetic in-your-face Busta, viewers are introduced to Busta’s stylist Tiffany Hasbourne, Hype Williams and the YouTube users who took on Busta’s challenge and  tried to spit his lyrical tongue tying verse on the track.

SET SWAG: Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown Shoot A Movie For “Why Stop Now”

Admittedly, there isn’t much Chris Brown in the video as he is busy shooting his segment of the video shirtless and sweaty showing off his noticeably more chiseled abs, which we also get a glimpse of.

Check out the behind the scenes video below. The full video is set to drop on Monday Jan 30th at noon here.

We love a good teaser!