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Knew we weren’t the only people who think Lana Del Rey’sis absolutely gorgeous. 

EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Love Her Or Hate Her: Lana Del Rey Is Sinfully Seductive!

In a recent interview with Complex, A$AP Rocky revealed that he’s crushing on the pouty-lipped singer Lana Del Rey. 

A$AP Rocky and Lana are sharing the cover of Complex’s February/March issue. A$AP Rocky and Jeremy Scott are featured on one side of the dual cover, while Lana is featured by herself on the reverse side. 

When Lana’s name came up during his interview with Complex, Rocky revealed: 

“I have a song with Lana, she sent me something through to do. But let’s talk about how I have a crush on her. [Laughs.] Tell her I’m in love with her lips.”

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When the authenticity of her lips came up during the conversation, Rocky went on to say:

“I don’t give a fuck if it was natural, silicone, none of that shit. They look good as fuck. I feel good I’m on this cover surrounded by people I admire, and not in a weird way. I admire Jeremy for his fashion, and her for her songs, and what she does. And her lips. [Laughs.]”

Despite confirmation from Australian rapper Iggy Azalea that she and A$AP Rocky are an “item,” it hasn’t stopped Rocky’s eyes from wandering. 

Lana’s definitely a hottie and super seductive, so we totally understand why A$AP Rocky is mesmerized by her old Hollywood good looks. 

Are you surprised by A$AP Rocky’s new crush? 

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SOURCE: Complex