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Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a lot riding on tonight’s Florida Primary.

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After a double digit loss to Newt Gingrich in the South Carolina primary and a recount declaring him a loser in the Iowa Caucuses, Romney needs a win in tonight’s primary. The winner will receive 50 convention delegates, the biggest prize in the Republican contest.

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The momentum has been building for Romney as of late; he slaughtered chief rival Gingrich in the CNN debates last week and the conversations about his tax returns and income have died down.

But the fact remains, out of all the Republican candidates heading into tonight’s Florida Primary, Romney is the richest with an estimated income of about $43 million over the last two years.

As much as Romney talks about growing up on the streets of America, he actually grew up the son of American Motor Corporation CEO and former Michigan governor George W. Romney.

Romney is no stranger to luxury, as evidenced by the numerous houses he owns. Dude has homes in Massachusetts, Utah, New Hampshire, and La Jolla, CA.

We think it’s time for a house real big, Mitt Romney edition. Take a look.