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Tyrese and Chilli team up on the small screen with an all-new trailer for “Nothing On You.”

MUSIC: Tyrese, Faith Evans & Rick Ross “Stay” Remix

The minute and a half clip cuts back and forth between flashback scenes of the two in some very intimate moments, while Chilli wakes to find a letter among her bed sheets.

We quickly find out the note is scribed by none other than Tyrese as his voice is heard in the background reciting the letter verbatim.

He reaffirms to his love interest Chilli that she is the “only woman who has his heart, and if he really wanted to be with another woman, he would be. [Those other women] ain’t got nothing on her.”

DETAILS: Tyrese Has The Number One R&B Album In The Country!

“Nothing On You” is the third single off Tyrese’s 2011 album Open Invitation.

These two look great together. We can’t to see the final product! 

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