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Once again the NYPD has shown its ugliness. In a recent video circling numerous news blogs, four cops viciously beat a teenage suspect as he cowers on the ground for dear life.

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NYPD Internal Affairs has opened an investigation of the four Bronx cops, but the video remains clear.

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We see the officers brutally beating on 19-year-old suspect Jatiek Reed as he was standing against a wall on East 168th Street on the afternoon of Jan. 20th.

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Reed falls to the floor and the officers commence pummeling his skinny frame as he shields himself from cops repeatedly kicking, punching and beating him with their batons.

Another cop can be seen in the video charging after the person shooting the video and threatens to pepper spray them while shouting, “Move back, move back!”

According to NYPD officials, Reed was resisting arrest, had drugs on him and allegedly assaulted an officer. 

All of the officers were from the 42nd Precinct in the Tremont section of the Bronx and all involved were stripped of their guns, shields and placed on modified duty.

Reed’s mother Schuan spoke on her son saying: 

“He has staples in his head, staples in his arm. His whole back is black and blue like they were beating on a slave.

I refuse to let them railroad my son and accuse him of something he didn’t do. If they saw his stash of drugs, then where are the drugs?”

Currently Reed is being held on Riker’s Island on assault charges.

Are we surprised by this latest black eye to the NYPD? I’m certainly not. 

In 2011, two cases involving the NYPD and its officers made headlines. In two separate cases, NYPD officers were charged with planting evidence on suspects, while another was charged with violating the civil-rights of a black man.

Detective Stephen Anderson blew the whistle on his fellow officers, saying that he and many of his NYPD brothers planted drugs on innocent people as a quick and easy way to boost arrest numbers.

Adding to that revelation, another NYPD officer named Michael Daragjati is facing federal time for violating the civil-rights of a black man from Staten Island who he falsely arrested.

Daragjati purposely arrested a black man, then told an associate, “Another n*gger fried, no big deal.” All the while the F.B.I had his phones and text messages on surveillance.

Now with the beating case of Jatiek Reed, 2012 isn’t starting off well for the NYPD. 

I grew up not too far from where Reed was beaten up and a friend of mine who witnessed the heartless assault said that Reed had no drugs on him.

The fact remains that the officers’ use of excessive force far exceeds the limit of basic decency. A clear violation of human rights was caught on video and no matter how much the NYPD tries to cover this up and sideswipe the issue, the emotional and physical injury remains clear for all to see.


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